skillsDev_4The Skills Training (Skills Training ran in Enterprises by Vocational Schools) was secured under the European Union’s Lifelong Learning programme. Leonardo partnership programme allows organisations to participate in training activities. The partnership is made up of 3 countries including, Turkey, Spain and United Kingdom.

The aim of Vocational Education and Training (VET) is to meet the need of self esteemed man power in a field of job. This education bases on the cooperation between the vocational and technical schools and the work placements. Skills in VET are vital for economic recovery and sustainable development. So it is too necessary to run the VET within the enterprises according to the labor and service sector’s demands, to base on the principal of fertility and to keep on it suitable for the curriculum prepared through the modular system.

Kerem Balta is a talented student at the Gulsehir Vocational and Technical High School studying in the department of accounting and financing at 11th grade. He is 16 years old and from the town ‘ürgüp’. He has a 3-year old brother and his father is an officer.

Kerem’s logo design was chosen from 10 entries. His hobbies are web designing, reading books, computer games and doing sports.

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